How it Works -

Step 1: Book a call with the Onboarding Team

In this call we discover some of the pain points in your business and work on how best to improve your marketing techniques and sales funnels to increase turnover online.

Step 2: Purchase our ECG Trading Ring or Hologram
Virtual Display to get started.

To secure your place in our network as node-network partner that will be pioneering the way in ethical jewelry sales we require you to purchase a virtual display and trading ring,

Step 3: Book a time with our product photography experts to create your catalog.

Our product photography department are experts in getting all your items listed on the platform and will be working with you to upload your products on the platform to standard/best practices.
Introducing our innovative Virtual Product Showcase,a revolutionary experience that combines technology with artistry in custom jewelry creation.

This one-of-a-kind platform goes beyond traditional product displays by incorporating facial recognition data to generate unique digital twins and craft personalized heirlooms. 

Imagine stepping into a virtual realm where your individuality is captured and transformed into a digital representation of yourself.
In a world where data security and the preservation of precious assets are of paramount importance,

the jewelry sector has found a remarkable solution in the form of the ECG Ring and Bracelet.

These innovative wearable devices are designed to secure time-series information for asset managers, while also tracking the end-to-end delivery of heirlooms and showcasing and encrypting custom jewelry artwork.

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